The best eroded fonts & typefaces

The best eroded & grungy style fonts!

Here's a list of fonts that are perfect for any project if you're looking for an edgy while still maintaining a professional font. These fonts are not too busy with textures and some offer a solid version to compliment the eroded style. Remember these fonts are not free for commercial or monetized use.


So here it is, the list of the best eroded, grungy, and modern style fonts:



This font has a very modern feel, but add much more eye candy to any project looking for something different from all the sans-serif fonts out there.


Buy commercial license for Redux Font Download Demo


2. We Are Depraved Font

Thick and tall eroded font. While maintaining the stroke of each letter, this eroded font holds strong and brings a lot to the table when being used in a design


 Buy commercial license for We are Depraved Font | Download Demo


3. Summon the Executioner Font 

This font is just bad ass. Enough Said.


Buy commercial license for Summon the Executioner Font | Download Demo


4. The dead are coming Font

This font is awesome because it offers 2 different styles eroded and eroded with a splattered effect. The uppercase has the splattered eroded characters, while the lowercase have only the eroded characters.

Buy commercial license for The Dead Are Coming Font | Download Demo


5. Necrotype Font

This font takes grunge and eroded to another level. This typeface will add some brutal eye candy you can find from any other font.


Buy commercial license for Necrotype Font | Download Demo


6. Cook County Jailhouse Font 

This name says it all, I do envision some run down jail cell, chain gang when I looked at this font.


Buy commercial license for Cook County Font | Download Demo


7. Just Die Already Font 

This eroded font screams bad ass. It has this middle ages, barbarian, dragon slaying vibe to it.


Buy commercial license for Die Already Font | Download Demo


8. Dedecus Putro Font 

Modern, professional, and edgy baby!

Buy commercial license for Dedecus Putro Font | Download Demo


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